The Aakhet University is an online education site incorporating a consortium of like-minded individuals who are committed to utilizing all methods of healing and enhancement, for the purpose of assisting people world-wide who seek to discover and develop their human potential.


As researchers of human culture around the world, we acknowledge the value of studying and incorporating the wisdom, knowledge base, teaching methods, and many constructs that have already been established by humans from remote ancient times to the present. Our classes blend ancient knowledge with modern sciences, and are designed based on a human model which assumes each person is, by nature, a multi-dimensional being with innate powers that can be understood, directed and used to evolve into a higher form of human expression. This model incorporates and places value on concepts of spirit and universal laws as primary factors in human functioning. Consequently, our classes are unique in content when compared to the material covered in typical classes offered in a university setting. We do not require a student to take entrance exams or choose a track of study. This is open education for anyone interested in the subjects.


As such, we offer classes to reach persons anywhere in the world who are striving to improve their conditions of living, improve community vitality, enhance the protection of human rights, and to support the overall integrity and preservation of the planet earth. We will continue to offer new classes as they are being developed.

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